Our Services

Debt Collections

We do ONLY Freight collections, reason why we understand the specialized methods needed to recover outstanding freight bills faster then the competition.

Our compensation for recovering delinquent receivables is strictly contingent upon our success, we charge only on results not on efforts. We take pride in the fact that our success lies, not only in collecting your over-due accounts but, at the same time, maintaining the bond between your company and your customers.

On those cases when the broker did not pay you, we can demand payment from the shippers and consignees.

Commons issues we resolve:

  • Rate dispute
  • Damage claim
  • Detention and demurrages
  • Shipper and consignee dispute

Our Debt recovery success is achieved by understanding the circumstances of your business, your industry, your customers and by focusing on diplomacy, persistence and professionalism.

AFS International specializes in collecting delinquent transportation freight receivables mainly in the trucking and maritime industries worldwide.

Client Testimonials

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It is very gratifying for us to get support from an experienced company and specially because they are specialized in the transportation field and the added value for Schenker is the quick response to our requests, congratulations. - Francisco, DB Schenker
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The customer was 9 months past due, regardless our efforts to reach an agreement our client kept braking their payment promises. We received payment conformation within 48 hours after we placed the account to AFS . A very well executed job. - Ricardo, DAMCO