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10 Day Free Demand Letters

As a rule, most companies use some form of a final demand letter. Often times these letters are sent and received with little impact, as the debtor has already received multiple statements and initial copies of the invoices currently due. By using our free 10 Day Demand Letter, you can be guaranteed that your customer understands that, indeed, this is the final demand and if the balance is not paid in full, the account will be assigned to AFS International for third-party collections.

When using this service, please understand that the actual balance must be paid in full within the ten day window. A phone call to you that promises payment or one that is just a repeat of past dialogue will not save the account from third-party collections. On the 11th day, after your representative as followed up with you regarding any contacts and payments, the account will be placed with AFS International for immediate collection activity.

For immediate action, download the form today, and fax it to us at 619-872-0963 with the legal back up such as: Invoices, Bill of ladings, Rate Confirmation Agreement, Statements and NSF Checks.

Client Testimonials

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I have had the pleasure of working with Sal, and his staff for several years. They are extremely professional, and we have always received excellent results on accounts we have placed. I appreciate the friendliness, and helpful associates at AFS. - Kim, Schneider National, Inc.