Why Choose us?

Proven track record in the freight industry

We have been collecting ONLY freight bills throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America since 2005.

More and more owner-operators along with top 100 US carriers & 3PLs recommend us on a daily basis.

We charge only on results

Our compensation for recovering delinquent receivables is strictly contingent upon our success, we charge only on results not on efforts.

No collection, no fees.

Lowest rate

We are proud to be the freight collection agency located in the United States and Mexico with the lowest rates.

Real time account update

At AFS International you can manage your accounts 24/7

  • Account updates
  • New Placements
  • Debtor Search
  • Download letter & format templates
  • Chat online with the specialists

Direct payment

We take pride in the fact that our collection results can increase your cash flow immediately.

Most collection agencies ask debtors to send their payments directly to them and then, they remit payments ONLY on the checks cleared at the bank during the prior month to all clients once per month, by the 5th or 15th day of each month.

We instruct debtors to pay you directly, and after you confirm us that the funds cleared at your bank, then we email you an invoice for the amount our fees.

International rates same as domestic rates

We offer our clients the same low rates for their local, nationwide or international accounts.


We are ready to increase your cash flow. Do not delay, call us today.

Toll Free: 1(800) 209-1718

Client Testimonials

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AFS is a fundamental support in the recovery of past due accounts, their knowledge in our industry give us confidence. We know that their staff is always available to provide a status on the accounts placed - Samuel, Werner Enterprises Inc.
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It is very gratifying for us to get support from an experienced company and specially because they are specialized in the transportation field and the added value for Schenker is the quick response to our requests, congratulations. - Francisco, DB Schenker
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The customer was 9 months past due, regardless our efforts to reach an agreement our client kept braking their payment promises. We received payment conformation within 48 hours after we placed the account to AFS . A very well executed job. - Ricardo, DAMCO