Don't take our word for it

We do our best to meet and exceed our customers' high standards. Here is what some of our customers say about our efforts and results.

I have found in the AFS team, support and advice on issues of high importance such as the use of the Carta Porte, and now with the new law to become effective next October, Salvador Banuelos has been a great and valuable coach.

His book “Cobranza Eficiente en el Transporte de Carga”, has become our guide in our processes in order to achieve a more efficient recovery on our receivables. I have definitely recommended their services to other colleagues.

AFS is a fundamental support in the recovery of past due accounts, their knowledge in our industry give us confidence. We know that their staff is always available to provide a status on the accounts placed.
I have had the pleasure of working with Sal, and his staff for several years. They are extremely professional, and we have always received excellent results on accounts we have placed. I appreciate the friendliness, and helpful associates at AFS.
It is very gratifying for us to get support from an experienced company and specially because they are specialized in the transportation field and the added value for Schenker is the quick response to our requests, congratulations.
- Francisco, DB Schenker
The customer was 9 months past due, regardless our efforts to reach an agreement our client kept braking their payment promises. We received payment confirmation within 48 hours after we placed the account to AFS . A very well executed job.
- Ricardo, DAMCO
Their help has been excellent and fast; AFS has an excellent customer service, is a company to always recommend.
They have helped us to achieve a good recovery ratio with clients that we had exhausted our collection efforts. I do highly recommend them, since their treatment is personalized, and always provide help when consulted.
- Veronica, Transportes Pitic
AFS is an excellent team!! They collect with intelligence. They are knowledgeable in all types of industries. We are glad we tried them out and will definitely continue to work with them!
My company recommends AFS International as one of the best collection agencies.
- Gerardo, Frio Express
I needed strong negotiations and recurrent follow ups with some clients. AFS International helped me collecting some past due receivables.
- Alberto, ALA
Since AFS International started working for us, it has been very satisfactoring receiving calls from our clients and furthermore, recovering our accounts in a very reasonable time frame. They know their work.