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Credit and Collections in the Freight Industry Handbook

Includes FMCSA Regulations Part 373 and 377

by Salvador Banuelos


Without a solid credit and collection foundation on which to base important decisions, problems tend to multiply in any freight transportation company. In this valuable guide the author will help you to:

  • Minimize risk when granting credit
  • Learn how to overcome excuses when collecting your invoices
  • Have a better understanding of the freight industry
  • Access templates for letters and forms in English and in Spanish
  • Bottom line—Increase your recovery rate!
This book can be tremendously useful as a practical tool to build and maintain a profitable client portfolio.

About the Author

Salvador Banuelos is internationally known for the debt collection results he has provided to the freight transportation and import/export industries worldwide for the last 13 years. He contributes his articles to the following leading magazines: T21 and Enfasis Logistica

Mr. Banuelos is President and CEO of AFS International, LLC.

sal@afsint.com   @amerexonline   freightcollections   Linkedin.com